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If you want to less phone conversation your best bet may be to sell your mobile and move to New York because new research has indicated it is the state that spends the least amount of time on the phone.

The busy US state has been ranked 15th in the nation for the amount of calls made, but they don’t talk for very long meaning the duration of conversations are short and sweet.

Busy New Yorkers only chat for 713 minutes a month and an average call lasts 3.7 minutes. This is much more efficient than Georgia who are more courteous on their calls, spending well over 800 minutes a month.

Jonathan Carson, CEO of Nielsen’s telecom branch, told The Post: “The data support the idea that we have a lot to say, but we say it in a very efficient manner.”

People from the Southern states, who are known for their politeness, featured highly amongst the 60,000 volunteers who were monitored for their mobile phone usage habits.

Janell Hazelwood, a 27-year old originally from Virginia but now living in Brooklyn said: “Southerners are talkers -- I like to tell stories that involve a lot of detail. If something happened to me, in five minutes I'm here talking to my granny down south. It might take me an hour to tell the story.”

However, texting was a seen as a more convenient way of communicating rather than dialing and speaking direct. Sarah Hay, a 22-year old ballet dancer said: “Texting is more casual and calling is more personal.’Text me' is like, 'let's be friends,' and 'call me' is like, 'let's go on a date.'”

Maybe those New Yorkers should take up snail mail again and recycle mobile phones if they don’t want to talk.

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