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The first Android model the T-Mobile G1 has been shelved after establishing the OS as a serious competitor in the smartphone market, but those who own one and feel left-out that it has dated badly shouldn’t fear, a follow-up version is set to be released next month. We suspect G1 owners will soon be selling their phones!

The T-Mobile G2, also known as Vision on the American market, has a full QWERTY keyboard and a 3.7 inch screen. Although specs are not determined, it will undoubtedly be better than the original model, and will most likely run 2.1 operating system also known as Froyo. In comparison the G1 is a dinosaur in terms of functionality and speed because it is not getting over the air updates like most other Android devices are getting.

Although there have been many leaks about the G2, no official information had been given, but many are speculating that that the device will be launched on September 29th and be available for pre-order from the start of September.

It’s seen as a great time for those who bought a G1 when it was released, because those who had a two year contract with T-Mobile are due for an upgrade. With the release of this phone coinciding with their end date, it’s highly likely many people will adopt the G2 because of the sense of familiarity.

If you have a G1 and are getting ready to get your hands on a G2 now is a great time to considering recycling your mobile phone for cash so you have some money set aside for any shocks when pricing is announced.

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