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Apple’s iPad has been praised for making waves in the way technology is being used. The tablet design is hailed as a breakthrough for how media can now be consumed by audiences, but some are still unconvinced. However there is a way to make those who yearn for the comfort of a keypad happy.

A company based in China have developed an add-on for the iPad which turns into a laptop. A full QWERTY keyboard can be fixed on using a built-in Bluetooth connection and you can open and close the device like a clamshell. You could just buy a Macbook, but this way you have the option of using touchscreen and manual keys. Sell your device if you’re unhappy and get the iPad/keyboard combo.

Shenzhen Paoluy Silicone Technology is the designer behind the product which boasts a rechargeable battery which can give you up to 90 hours if used continuously, or 100 days if on standby. It can be charged with a regular iPad connecter and takes roughly four hours to juice up.

Another great feature is that if the keyboard is inactive after 10 minutes, it will automatically go into sleep-mode. Additionally, for those who are vain about the appearance of their crisp iPad, it comes with a “durable leather style exterior” so your device will look cool as well as be protected.

Although no pricing has been announced for the UK, it is expected to sell in America for $92.72. Might be worth selling your old mobile phones for cash to have enough money to buy this.

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