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Campaigns’ teaching kids the correct behaviour when it comes to mobile phone etiquette are usually quite boring and don’t get the message across, but LG have got Jane Lynch from Glee heading there and by using her as their spokesperson it is likely to make children aware of mobile phone dangers.

The actress is known for being a hard-nosed cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester in the hit US TV show about a high school singing club, and in her role she is always trying to sabotage and break their spirit with her spiteful ways.

And now Lynch is fronting a campaign showing adults how to teach mobile phone responsibility to their children. Fronting LG Text Ed, the actress portrays a born-again text addict after being arrested for using her phone while driving and her community service shows her taking charge of classes full of hopeless adults who need to instill values to their technology crazed kids. Don’t sell mobile phones just yet, there is still hope for the youth!

Although Text Ed has been running since January, it hasn’t been very popular, but with Jane spear-heading the campaign and starring in a number of hilarious webisodes it has finally been getting the publicity it deserves.

“We started to get some traction” with the campaign, said Tim O’Brien, vice president for marketing at LG Mobile in San Diego, “but felt we weren’t building to the level we wanted.”

In seeking a personality to ramp up the campaign, “we had two requirements,” he added, “a sense of levity and a sense of credibility.”

“We’re trying to take a serious topic and make it human and accessible. The reality of life today, the definition of the modern family, is changing, and she’s a great representation of that,” Mr. O’Brien said.

Comparing mobile phone campaigns, this is undoubtedly one of the best.

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