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More people are concerned about carbon footprints and the impact their daily life is has on the environment. More companies are taking note of their customers desire to be green and as a result a campaign has been launched to make it known how eco-friendly phones are. Phone recycling has never been so cool.

Network provider O2 has collaborated with sustainability experts at Forum for the Future to devise a scheme which tells green customers how environmentally sound certain mobiles are.

It’s thought that four billion mobile phones are in existence in the world contributing to more than 100 million tones worth of weight in its carbon footprint. Many consumers are concerned about the damage this is doing and make an effort to buy non-hurtful phones.

Mobile phone manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Nokia and Sony have joined the scheme which makes the green credentials of their phones public

The environmental scheme will not only enable customers to make more informed choices about the phone they wish to purchase, but also encourage phone manufacturers to make more sustainable phones which less impact on the environment.

Ronan Dunne, chief executive of O2 in the UK said: “We know that sustainability is important for many of our customers and for the first time they will have the whole picture from which to make a full and balanced purchasing decision.

“Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the social and environmental impact of the technology they buy and we believe this kind of product transparency will help empower them to make greener choices.”

Smartphones which combine multiple features such as cameras and music players have more karma points than an average phone because it cuts out the need for customers to own a second device. There has not been a better time than now for recycling your phone.

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