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If you thought old people were dinosaurs incapable of learning about new technological advancements in communicating, you’d be wrong. The oldies among us are texting confidently and sometimes even prefer this instead of calling.

In a survey conducted by T-Mobile, a number of over 65’s were questioned about their habits when it came to keeping in touch with people. A whopping 71% said they emailed to let loved ones know how they are, and 15% expressed their delight at texting dubbing it the preferred way to break news.

Almost half of those questioned said they would communicate good news via text, while 24% said they use SMS to break bad news. The reason for opting for this method is because they have longer to think about what they want to say and can compose their message better. 17% of people gave this as their reason for sending disheartening texts.

And it’s not just email and texting that old people are adopting, Facebook is also a popular form of keeping in touch with people, with 4% saying they kept friends and family updated with their life using the social networking site which is usually considered a youth-orientated destination.

Jo Bryant, of etiquette expert Debrett's, tells the Telegraph: ''Advancements in technology over the last 20 years mean how we send and receive news is different across all generations.

''It's not just teenagers who are sharing life changing news by text, those in their 60s have become more at ease with this form of communication, and prefer in some situations to break big news in one simple, short message.

''In many cases, this is because they can keep in close contact with those who have grown up with texting as the norm.''

Maybe Mobile Phone Xchange should send used mobile phones to old people. Cash your phone and help an OAP keep in touch with his or her family, that would be a great reward!

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