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Mobile phones with only the ability to call and text may soon become a relic as the surge of smartphones dominates the market. Further proof to the popularity of the versatile phone is new research made that said half of all mobile phones in Asia will be smartphones by 2015.

In a report published on Monday by consultancy firm Frost and Sullivan, it was found that smartphones would account for 54% of the market with 477 million units likely to be sold. Trade will be booming for those who sell mobile phones!

Because smartphones are the becoming the must-have mobile to have, telecom operators are seeing a huge boost in demand for data services, with the consultancy firm stating that they would generate over 38 billion US dollars for the region’s telecom operators in five years time. That’s marginally over 1.3 billion dollars from last year.

Customers are ditching the traditional mobile phones in favour of smartphones because it allows functions such as internet access and email. This fast data connection can keep people even more connected than by simple calls and texts.

"Smartphones are critical to every operator’s mobile broadband business case, as a smartphone user’s ARPU typically increased by 25 to 100 percent after adoption depending on the market," said Marc Einstein, the consultancy's industry manager.

"The Asia-Pacific market is particularly interesting for smartphones as there has been significant uptake in emerging markets like China, India and Indonesia, even among prepaid users," he said in the report.

Now is a great time to sell your mobile phone and buy a smartphone. You don’t want to be left behind in the technological past.

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