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Posted by Harjeet August 23, 2010 10:35

Nokia has received yet another blow to their popularity after pulling a social networking app which allowed users to post messages on to their Facebook and Twitter profiles.

The app, Nokia Messaging for Social Networks, was removed by the Finnish company which has prompted an army of angry users to post disgruntled messages on the Nokia forums. Some are so fed up they have threatened to ditch Nokia, sell mobile phone and buy a rival phone.

However, Nokia have cited the reason for the removal was because they were unhappy with the app and are concentrating their efforts on social networking functionality on future generation phones.

The app had a poor interface and many users complained about the errors, But because it was a beta version, many assumed they were offering suggestions to aid in developing and improving the app further. But there are no plans to turn it into a final product, it is being scrapped entirely.

Some users have been complaining about the decision, with one writing the following in Nokia’s official forum: "I have only used Nokia phones all my life, but the disappointment with N97 and Nokia's policy against existing products and their users is unacceptable."

With the iPhone and Android growing in popularity, Nokia must do everything in its power to stop their loyal customer base jumping ship to the competitors. Although they are still doing considerably well in third-world countries, the growing popularity of smartphones means they have to up their game if they don’t want their existing customers to trade in mobile phones for a rival.

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