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Posted by Harjeet August 20, 2010 11:13

Popular high street store H&M are following in the footsteps a number of other retailers by developing an app for the iPhone. If you’re a fashion junkie now might be the time to trade in old phone and take the leap to the Apple smartphone.

Acting as one of the most popular clothing chains in the UK, H&M is a trendy destination for fashionistas to grab the latest hot trends at decent prices and to now further aid their customers the store is branching out into the realms of iPhone apps.

The specialist app lets you browse through the latest trendy items to see what the popular items in store are right now, and also has a handy location tracker so you can see where you nearest H&M is. They also have fashion news which keeps image conscious individuals up-to-date with the latest fashion themes.

Not only that, but the app allows for some personalisation which lets you collect and store a wishlist of items you most want as well as being able to check the latest offers. Not only that, but you can integrate the app to let your Facebook friends know which item of clothing you most desire. Ideal if your birthday is coming up.

More features will gradually be added in forthcoming updates, but if you download the app now you could get an extra 20% off by simply shaking your iPhone. When you do so, a voucher pops up on screen, so best to get a hold of the app now and get shopping! And if you don’t have an iPhone, sell your mobile and upgrade for great offers like this.

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