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Posted by Harjeet August 20, 2010 09:46

Some people have a fear of technology which seems a little silly but when you have freak accidents like how one man encountered in India it won’t seem like such a ridiculous idea. It might make you want to sell your mobile.

While working on his farm in the northern state on Rajastan, Gopal Gujjar fell victim to an apparent mobile phone explosion.

The body of the young 23-year old was discovered in the fields in the Bandha village close to the city of Kota according to a story reported in The Times of India.

He was found dead with burns to his left ear, neck and shoulders. Police found remnants of his exploded mobile near the body which was a Nokia 1209 handset which was released in August 2008.

It is understood Gujjar was out that day to graze cattle at around noon and was on the phone when it exploded. No one is sure what caused the mobile to explode, but it could be due to the excruciating heat that India faces in the summer.

This is not the first incident of mobile phones exploding and causing fatalities. Earlier this year, a 27-year old housewife in the southeastern coast of India was killed during a phone conversation to her husband. The Andhra Pradesh resident had the mobile charging while she was using it.

It might be an idea to recycle your phone if you fear similar things happening to you.

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