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The anxiousness of people wanting to know information about the new upcoming G2 mobile phones caused T-Mobile to take down its promotional website due to a security glitch.

When an official announcement of the phone was made yesterday morning (19th August 2010) the internet went crazy with techies demanding information on the new device causing it to become a trending topic on Google.

However, because of the pressure on the promotional site, T-Mobile were forced to pull it down once it discovered that names and email addresses of those who had signed up for more knowledge on the phone were being made public.

“For a brief time after the registration site launched this morning, some individuals may have seen another random person’s name and e-mail address during the sign-up process,” a T-Mobile spokesman said. “When the issue was identified, we immediately took action to disable the site until the issue was resolved.”

The phone is being dubbed the G2 and is cited as the follow-up to 2008’s first Android OS phone the G1 which has now sadly been shelved. When comparing mobile phone models, T-Mobile promise that the updated handset “will deliver tight integration with Google” as well as taking full advantage of the faster speeds on its new HSPA+ network, which is faster than using 3G.

The promotional page is now up and running again after yesterday’s mishap, so if you are after more information on the new G2 phone that is the place to get the latest scoop. No price announcement has been made yet but it’s likely many will cash old mobile phones to fund the new Android phone.

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