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With the impressive array of models Android has under its belt, the OS have announced information about the newest creation to hit the US, and it looks an awful lot like competitor handset. Motorola have introduced a Blackberry-esque model which they have named CHARM. Might be an idea to sell your old phone if it is a Blackberry and make a switch to Android with a bit of familiarity.

The smartphone has a touchscreen in addition to its full QWERTY keyboard which is all mounted on its exterior without any slide mechanism concealing it away. Also known as a candybar design, the CHARM is a sleek-looking handset which is individual and unique compared to the rest of the Android designs currently on the market.

“The Motorola CHARM offers the smartphone features you want, plus enhanced MOTOBLUR to keep you updated on the latest happenings in your social life - all in a sleek, slim design,” T-Mobile notes on its website.

The carrier continues: “With a QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen, you get faster, more efficient access to messaging and the Web.”

Although no announcement has been made about whether it will hit British stores, the CHARM will be available in the US next week (25th August) and will be sold through T-Mobile USA. If you wish to buy it on contract, it will cost $74.99. A decent amount of money for mobile like this!

Motorola made the announcement through their Facebook page, stating: “On August 25th, the Motorola CHARM hits T-Mobile’s shelves! With a two year service agreement and qualifying voice & data plan, the CHARM is only $74.99.”

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