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Japan are always ahead of the game when it comes to innovative inventions, and they haven’t disappointed when it comes to saving damp soggy phones which have unfortunately come in contact with water. It will save you from having to sell mobile phone for a reduced rate because it’s broken.

The misery of having a liquid-damaged phone may be the most depressing thing one has had to endure. Being out of the loop with friends and family, missing on important texts and calls and Facebook statuses and tweets can feel like your social life has been paused without warning.

But instead of waiting for your insurance to come through or spending your money on a new phone, there is a new gadget which will resurrect and save your mobile which is quicker and cheaper than other options.

The Dryer Box made by Japanese company JMC is an ingenious way of getting your phone back to its former glory but no details have been given on how it works. All you do is place your phone in the 14.4 by 14.6 by 16.5 inch box, leave it in there for 30 minutes and your phone should switch on after that.

And if it doesn’t, you won’t have to pay the 1000 yen (£7.50 charge). Currently being trialed in a select few Yodobashi Camera shops in Tokyo, let’s hope they are successful to be rolled out internationally. The magic of the Dryer Box will surely be a hit worldwide and could save thousands of gadgets from mobile phone recycling.

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