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Sony Ericsson Develop Pivotal Concept Phone

With the popularity of phones such as the iPhone and Android range which offer not only the ability to call and text, but also internet browsing and viewing multimedia footage, other mobile phone companies are having a hard time trying to compete with these big boys. But it is allowing some to be creative and innovative with their designs, like Sony Ericsson.

Once on top of the game with the Sony Ericsson Walkman range which had customers parting with their cash for mobile phone music players, the company since has been struggling in the shadow of the more accomplished phones. However, they have been working hard to create a model that will allow them to be talked about and considered once more.

Developing a concept phone which may or may not come into fruition in the mass market, the FH Mobile Phone is a clamshell phone which flips open and close. It may not sound groundbreaking, but the twist is that it has a pivotal point which allows it to rotate all the way round so both parts of the phone are side by side making a big screen ideal for watching multimedia footage and browsing the web.

Not only that, but the two parts of the phone can be separated and work independently from each other, even being able to function are a walkie-talkie if you and a friend want to play some sort of mystery catch-me-if-you-can game.

Could this design be the kind of things consumers want their phones to look like? Is it the future? Would you recycle your used phone that's currently your phone of choice for a model like this? We'll see if Sony Ericsson realise their concept phone and release it for consumers to buy.

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