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Clarityn warns how bad symptoms may get

Hayfever sufferers may want to trade in their old phone for cash and buy an iPhone because of a brilliant new app devised by drug manufacturers Clarityn.

The threat of runny noses, itchy eyes and constant sneezing make many people fear the summer. Because you can't see pollen you're never aware of how bad symptoms may become.

Thankfully, the Clarityn Hayfever application is here to save the day! Having been downloaded 72,000 times in just two weeks, it is proving popular for sniffling folk across the nation.

By opening the app, a 'Pollen Forecast' appears in real-time allowing you to prepare your senses for the day ahead. When prompted, enter your location and then switch on your camera to view the pollen spores on your screen. Red means bad, orange is medium and yellow is ok.

If the spores are red, you know to stock up on your Clarityn tablets to avoid feeling groggy all day. It is a genius marketing tool for the company because thousands of people will see their logo and it will be on their brain. And if supplies are low, customers will go to their local pharmacy and ask for Clarityn.

There is no word on whether the app will be available on other phone devices such as Nokia's Ovi, Blackberry's AppWorld and Android so if you want to get your hands on it, sell your old phone for cash and buy an Apple iPhone.

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