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The Apple device is a hit with customers

People may have been saying it's a useless invention which won't catch on but Apple have once again proved critics wrong by selling over 2 million iPads since its release.

UK customers were finally able to buy the tablet last week on Friday (28th May) but lucky Americans have been playing with their new toy since the start of April.

Other countries which have only just seen the iPad are Australia, Japan, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. It's safe to say that most of the sales have come from the US where the iPad have been available since 3rd April.

Because of its popularity, Apple has had a hard time keeping up with demand and many people have had to wait for their chance to own the tablet.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs made an announcement about the sales figure and the shortage of devices saying: "We appreciate [customers'] patience, and are working hard to build enough iPads for everyone."

More than 5,000 apps available in the App Store have been made specifically for the iPad, and over 200,000 apps can be used on the tablet ranging from games to reading materials and many more between.

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