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rLG Communications think they can rival other big phone companies

Ghana is creating a whole host of new jobs in the mobile phone industry with the expansion of a handset assembly company.

Fronted by rLG Communications, the scheme promises to deliver 30,000 jobs to young people from the National Youth Employment Programme by the end of the year.

Chief Executive Officer of the company Mr Roland Agambire said: "rLG Communications has already concluded plans for the construction of a state of the art multi-purpose mobile phone assembling plant in Ghana, the first of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa."

The company has gone from strength to strength recently, with 30 percent of the local phone market belonging to them.

Agambire adds: "We are looking forward to capturing 80 per cent of the market by the close of the year, particularly because of the feedback we get from patrons of our r-72 phone, which looks very much like Nokia E72."

Currently, 10,000 people have been trained to work with rLG Communications in sales and marketing department, but because of the rapid growth more jobs will be made available which will no doubt improve the local economy.

Mrs Millicent Atuguba, Communications Manager of rLG, believes their phones are competition to some of the huge names currently out there. She says: "Our phones are more durable than some of the world acclaimed big brands.

"In spite of the fact that our phones are durable, they come with a two-year warranty - when a customer returns a phone we will just change it for you and recycle the one you returned locally."

Don't forget you can recycle your old phone for cash to which will get sent to people in developing countries.

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