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Research in India finds mobiles are causing drop in numbers

If you are concerned about the environment you might want to trade in your used phone for cash because new findings have found that mobiles may be responsible for the declining number of honeybees.

A team of researchers from Chandigarh's Punjab University set up a controlled experiment earlier this year in which they compared two hives, one with mobile phones embedded in and the other with dummy models.

The hive with mobiles attached was switched on for two fifteen minute sessions a day and the difference in the two colonies was hugely apparent after the three month experiment. The Queen Bee in the handset hive laid fewer eggs and the bees also stopped producing honey.

In addition to this, there were less worker bees returning to the hive and because of this the amount of nectar produced reduced.

The authors of the report in the journal Current Science, Ved Prakash Sharma and Neelima Kumar, wrote: "Increase in the usage of electronic gadgets has led to electropollution of the environment. Honeybee behaviour and biology has been affected by electrosmog since these insects have magnetite in their bodies which helps them in navigation.

"There are reports of sudden disappearance of bee populations from honeybee colonies. The reason is still not clear. We have compared the performance of honeybees in cellphone radiation exposed and unexposed colonies.

"A significant decline in colony strength and in the egg laying rate of the queen was observed. The behaviour of exposed foragers was negatively influenced by the exposure, there was neither honey nor pollen in the colony at the end of the experiment."

Trade in your old phone for cash if you want the honeybees to live.

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