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Over thirty have been made redundant

Those with an Android phone who rely on games may want to trade in their used phone for cash because a number of Tetris apps have been removed from the Market.

The news has been met with alarm by developers who received an email from Google telling them their apps are no longer available for Android users.

Removal of the various versions of the game in which you have to neatly arrange different shaped falling blocks into neat rows without any gaps, after the Tetris Company, LLC notified Google under DMCA.

One developer whose Tetris game was made redundant told Slashdot: "I am one of the developers of FallingBlocks, a game with the same gameplay concepts as Tetris.

"This night, I have received an email warning that my game was suspended from Android Market due to a violation of the Developer Content Policy. When I received the email, I already imagined that it had something to do with it being a Tetris clone, but besides having the same gameplay as Tetris, which I believe cannot be copyrighted, the game uses its own name, graphics and sounds. There's no reference to "Tetris" in our game.

"I have emailed Google asking what is the reason for the application removal. Google promptly answered that The Tetris Company, LLC notified them under DMCA to remove various Tetris clones from Android Market. My app was removed together with other 35 Tetris clones."

Other mobile phone markets have not been contacted in regards to removing their Tetris games according to many reports on line which is causing wise speculation as to why Android was targeted.

If you are upset by the lack of Tetris apps on your Android, why not trade in your used phone for cash.

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