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The Apple device is sent out a day early while people are at work

Homes up and down the country have had the postman knock on their door with a very special delivery - an Apple iPad! However, some are furious that the device has been sent out a day early. Don't worry haters, if you don't want it you can trade in your iPad for cash with us!

Many excitable Apple fans pre-ordered their iPad online as soon as they were able and were expecting to receive the tablet tomorrow (28th May). However, soon after this Apple pushed back the date of delivery to 7th June because there was such an influx of orders, but insisted the first wave of orders will have their iPads on the original date stated.

Apple lied though as many people had their new toy sent out today. For those who were at home the early arrival has been met with great pleasure. It's a different story for those at work who had arranged for someone to be at home to receive the delivery tomorrow. They are understandably upset.

It means that their parcel is now low priority, so if it's not received tomorrow it may not get to them until Saturday. Or perhaps even Tuesday considering it's a Bank Holiday this weekend.

TNT, the company responsible for delivering all the iPads to households across the nation, has had over 100,000 complaints according to Mobile Industry Review. Whether this number is an exaggeration or not is unknown.

If you're one of the lucky ones who've received an Apple tablet today but aren't too impressed with it, why not sell your iPad to Mobile Phone Xchange for a cash reward.

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