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This could affect their studies according to new research

It's no surprise that an increasing amount of children now own mobile phones, but new research suggests that the popularity of handheld connectivity amongst young people is greater than that of owning books. Parents who want their kids to do well might want to trade in their children's phones for cash and buy some literature.

In a study conducted by The National Literacy Trust, 17,000 schoolchildren were asked a series of questions and it was discovered that 85.5% of them own a phone compared to 72.6% who own their own books at home.

The findings put another research publication to light which suggests that by having 20 books in the home, a child's chance of doing well at school will improve and can possibly elongate their educational studies by around three years regardless of their parent's education, occupation or social class.

A report from the National Literacy Trust said: "Simple interactions, such as being read to, and exposure to books, magazines, newspapers and environmental print, impact children's progress in learning to read, and children who come from richer home literacy environments show higher levels of reading knowledge and skills at the start of kindergarten and throughout primary school.

"There is also ample evidence that parents who promote reading as a valuable and worthwhile activity have children who are motivated to read for pleasure.

"Involvement with reading activities at home has significant positive influences not only on reading achievement, language comprehension and expressive language skills, but also on pupils' interest in reading, attitudes towards reading and attentiveness in the classroom."

If you are short on cash to buy books for your children, why not trade-in their mobile. They might thank you for it one day.

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