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The datacentre frazzled out from high temperatures

If you're an O2 customer, you may have experienced some network problems yesterday (25/05/2010) which might have made you want to trade in your phone for cash to buy a new one and switch networks. Well the company has explained why there was no coverage - Their air conditioning broke.

With temperatures in London having got up to 30 degrees Celsius, many people were unable to cope with such extreme weather. But humans weren't the only ones having trouble with the heat. Machinery also felt the pressure, such as O2's datacentre which suffered a breakdown.

Bob Dunn, general manager of customer experience at O2 explained: "It was very hot yesterday and the air-conditioning at our datacentre in Croydon failed. It had to be cooled down, and there was a network outage in London.

"This resulted in intermittent data access for customers in some parts of the UK. Full service was restored by 1am today."

The disruptions caused many disgruntled O2 customers, including many with an Apple iPhone, to call and complain about the service, but not from their mobiles obviously!

Those of you who had to experience life without network service may have been reminded of a time before mobile phones were an everyday accessory. If you preferred existing without a handset, sell your old phone for cash.

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