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Will he be announcing details of the latest iPhone?

You may want to trade in your used phone for cash in preparation for a new one because if speculation is to be believed it seems official details of the new iPhone 4G will be announced early next month in June.

It has been announced that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will be present at the company's annual Worldwide Developer Conference. This has fuelled rumours about why he is making a personal appearance.

The event, which will take place between the 7th and 11th of June in the Moscone West centre in San Francisco, is mainly a chance for developers to showcase their latest creations.

However, many believe Jobs is taking the opportunity to announce information regarding his latest line of Apple products including the newest iPhone as well as other products such as a new series of iPod Touches one of which reportedly incorporates an inbuilt camera.

Jobs, who often responds back to emails sent directly to him, answered one back which asked about the growing threat of Google who have recently released their newest update for Android phones in the form of OS 2.2, also known as FroYo.

The confident Apple man simply wrote "You won't be disappointed" strongly believing that Google smartphones pose no risk to him and his highly successful brand.

If you want the latest iPhone 4G, sell your old phone for cash and use the money to save up for what will undoubtedly be a costly handset.

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