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If you can't get one in real life, a virtual lady might be what you need

For those of you unfortunate enough not to have a girlfriend, you may want to trade in your old phone for cash towards an iPhone because there's now an app allowing you to have one, albeit pixilated.

Developed by WET Productions, the app My Virtual Gilfriend is a stimulation, sorry, SIMULATION game available through the iTunes store and accessible on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Aimed at a male demographic, the fully 3D, interactive virtual girl appears on your screen and you can show her off to all your mates. And she won't ever complain about you spending too much time with your pals instead of her.

So what does My Virtual Girlfriend Feature?

* Hundreds Virtual women in full 3D all varying in their looks.

* Unique personalities, but all very womanly.

* Entertaining dialogue that will keep you amused. Her talk also becomes more intimate the further your relationship gets.

* Several different ways to interact with your virtual girlfriend : Expressive Emotes, Actions, Activities and even by Touch!

* Ability to touch your lady and get different responses depending on where you touch her and her mood.

* 3D environments for easy maneuverability allowing you to zoom in, out, and rotate around your new virtual girlfriend.

Mike Amerson, President of WET Productions said: "Most guys are pretty busy nowadays, they want a game that is not a huge time investment - It has to be entertaining with a bit of humor and sex appeal. I'm providing just that kind of experience for them.

"We wanted to make a quality Virtual girl type of app with lots of humor and things they could identify with - and the iPhone was the perfect platform to do it on."

So if you want a girlfriend, trade in your used phone for cash and buy an iPhone.

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