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Keep your secrets hidden

We don't encourage lying to your partner, but if we did we'd suggest you sell your used phone for cash and buy an Android to make the most of a new app which hides contacts you don't want visible.

Imagine the scenario, you've popped to the shower to scrub up for the missus, but while you're in there she's decided to have a quick gander through your phone. As she flicks through your texts, she notices some from an ex-girlfriend. A recipe for disaster!

So what can be done to avoid any mishaps like this? Get the BlackBook app, already available on Blackberry but now developed for the Android. It has been designed to store away any contacts, call logs and texts you don't want visible to sneaky people going through your phone.

By dialing a special number on your phone, you will be taken to an area where all your secrets are stored.

The description says: "Keep your contacts hidden with BlackBook's completely hidden contact list, accessible only by dialling a customizable phone number on your Android powered Smartphone. Sensitive calls and contacts are completely hidden on your phone. Protect your contacts personal information with BlackBook."

Once again, we don't encourage hiding things from your partner, but if you were make sure you trade in your old phone for cash to buy an Android.

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