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Sir Philip Green isn't wooed by the smartphones on the market

You would think the owner of top high street brand TopShop and good friend of supermodel Kate Moss would have a flashy phone wouldn't you. Well you'd be wrong. Sir Philip Green owns a Nokia 6130. He might want to consider selling it for cash, not that he needs it!

He may own a 208-foot yacht, a private jet and even a Monopoly set made of solid gold, but one luxury the tycoon has decided to pass up on is a modern-day phone complete with all the gadgets.

The billionaire who is reportedly worth 6.5 billion dollars has shunned the world of smartphones, and is happily content with his old brick of a phone.

So what great features does the decade old Nokia 6130 have? Well it's able to text and call, but it can't send or receive picture messages, doesn't have a camera function and let's not even mention Bluetooth, wi-fi and 3G - this phone has no internet capabilities.

Speaking to W magazine, Green showed no signs of embarrassment over his chunky handset. "This phone has no answering machine because it's on 24-7," he said.

When asked if he has any intention of getting an iPhone, Blackberry or Android, Green told the Daily Mail: "No chance. I have only just worked out how to use this one."

And what if his beloved phone breaks? He's prepared for that - Green has "bought the entire back stock of the obsolete 6130 in case one breaks," claims the Post!

If you have an old phone you like Sir Philip Green, why not sell it for cash and buy a new one.

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