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Don't let your handset fry your brain

There has been lots of talk recently about the worry of mobile phone usage causing damage to your brain. Some believe radiation waves released by handsets may result in cancer. If you are concerned about this, read our top tips on reducing the threat.

1) Use your speakerphone: Most phones come with a function that allows you to listen to the person on the other end through your loudspeaker. Having your handset away from your ear is a key factor in reducing radiation to your brain. The bad thing about this though is that everyone will able to hear your phone conversation. It's kind of embarrassing if your mum calls.

2) Text instead of talk: Typing what you want to say in 140-characters is fast, efficient and straight to the point. There's no need to faff around with the formalities of "Hi! How are you? How are the kids?" which can be time-consuming. Those niceties can be ditched in space-limited texts. However, this isn't an excuse to dump your partner by text.

3) Buy a lower-radiation phone: Now might be a good time to sell your phone for cash and use the money to buy a health beneficial one. There are a number of phones on the market which emit less radiation, so do your research and get one which lowers the impact.

4) Get a headset: You may think headsets are for PA's and highly successful office workers, but they have the right idea when it comes to combating harmful phone waves. It will also save you from the embarrassment of using a speakerphone function; your calls can be private once more! Although you may get odd stares for passersby who think you are talking to yourself. Maybe you'll befriend the local crazy person who thinks you're kindred spirits!

5) Shut up!: Your phone may have turned you into a right chatterbox, making inane unnecessary calls just to pass the time. Well stop! Instead of killing time calling a friend to gossip about last night's Eastenders, why not read a book or talk to the person next to you about the latest soap drama? Not only will it reduce radiation to your brain, but could save you money because you find you need a contract with less minutes.

If you're still paranoid about the health implications your handset may be causing, the best option might be to get rid of it completely by selling your old mobile phone and making some cash from it.

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