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Scan your phone like London's Oyster cards

Commuters who use the train may want to trade in their old phones for cash and buy a new one with a better screen because handsets will soon house valid train tickets.

Busy Londoners are fully aware of how the Oyster card revolutionised the travel habits of the nation's capital. No more long queues waiting for paper tickets, no more getting your ticket jammed in the gates - just a simple swipe and away you go.

But the rest of the country has had to suffer with the grueling effort of queuing for their travel pass. Not anymore! Ancient scannerless times may soon become a thing of the past.

Masabi, a mobile app development company, have been working hard to create a quick and easy process for commuters to use and have come up with a text or data connection buying method.

Once a person buys their ticket, a 2D barcode is sent to their phone which is scanned by the ticket inspector. This means that if you are running late for your train, you can board it and then request a barcode as soon as you get on.

Working in conjunction with thetrainline.com, the scheme will see stations equipping themselves with barcode scanners so that swiping through it easy. The Masabi ticketing system is due to be launched later this year so sell your old phone for cash and buy a new barcode friendly one ready for a when it is rolled out.

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