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The company claim it was immensely damaging for them

Apple have stated that an iPhone prototype that was lost by an employee and subsequently published all over the internet have been "immensely damaging" for the company according to a recently released court document.

When an Apple staff member went out for his birthday last month, he left his mobile phone at the bar which was then picked up by a stranger, now identified as Brian Hogan. Technology website Gizmodo paid the 21-year old student 5000 dollars for the phone.

Gizmodo then showed the world the latest iPhone in all it's glory with many passing comment on how accomplished it was compared to the previous model. However, after the incident, editor Jason Chen had several of his home computers seized by police which put the spotlight on Apple and their strictness on privacy.

George Riley, the lawyer who represents Apple, said that the early unveiling of the latest iPhone represented a "huge" loss for the company. He explains: "By publishing details about the phone and its features, sales of current Apple products are hurt wherein people that [sic] would have otherwise purchased a currently existing Apple product would wait for the next item to be released, thereby hurting overall sales and negatively effecting [sic] Apple's earnings."

Considering what a gigantic successful brand Apple is, would this really have hit them as hard as they are making out?

If you are enticed by the new iPhone model, sell your old phone for cash in readiness for its release.

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