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A new report warns about brain tumours

Those who heavily use their mobile phones may want to cut down on their talk time or even considering selling their phones for cash because there is a higher chance they'll develop brain cancer according to a new report.

In research that was published this week, the World Health Organisation has claimed that people who use their handset for more than 30 minutes a day are more at risk of developing glioma tumours.

Thirteen countries took part in the inquiry, with 12,800 people, both tumour sufferers and healthy humans, questioned about their mobile phones habits.

However, people under the age of 30 were not included in the research which has drawn criticism into the validity of the report. Many are calling for more analysis on the matter.

In a statement, the scientists said: "Today mobile phone use has become much more prevalent and it is not unusual for young people to use mobile phones for an hour or more a day."

With more and more people becoming dependent on the use of their mobile phones, with many using handsets instead of landlines, the impact this may have on future generations is quite concerning.

If you are worried about the health problems your handset may give you, trade in your used phone for cash and use landlines and phone boxes instead.

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