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Research in America sees fixed lines demising

Landline phones are becoming desolate with more and more people using mobile phones as their chosen method of connectivity. If you are sad by the slow demise of fixed lines, why not sell your mobile phone for cash.

According to research conducted by The Centres for Disease Control, a quarter of homes in America don't have a landline, and instead rely on their mobile phone instead. In contrast, only 15% have a landline but no mobile phone.

Tracking the statistics since 2006, CDC's research shows there has been a huge increase in the number of people owning mobile phones. Four years ago only 11% of people had a mobile. This has since more than doubled.

In many third world countries, people rely on mobile phones instead of traditional landlines because the effort to put in wiring to get people connected is expensive and difficult compared to mobile handsets which have instant connectivity. You also have the added advantage of being able to stay connected on the go.

Although western countries are easily able to use their landline, mobile communication is more convenient which means traditional phone services may soon become a rarity.

Wireless and digital means of communication are becoming increasingly popular with many people using satellite providers and cableless internet connections. It is not difficult to see the landline being pushed aside as many people use their handsets instead.

Are you sad about the demise of the landline and want to do something about it? Trade in your old mobile phone and use traditional methods instead.

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