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The new Prime Minister wants no distractions

A new government means new rules, and the first one Prime Minister David Cameron has insisted upon is his cabinet not carrying their mobile phones during meetings. Maybe they might want to trade in their phones for cash instead to avoid anyone spying on their personal texts and emails.

During the first gathering of the cabinet earlier today (13th May 2010) the Tory leader who is now in charge of the country told his staff that the use of phones and Blackberrys are banned during their weekly meetings.

The decision was prompted by Justice Secretary Ken Clarke who was summoned whilst deep in a conversation on his handset.

The use of mobile devices was once banned because it was a distraction in meetings and parliament debates. However, this was overturned and allowed MPs to carry handsets with them as long as they were put on silent.

Two years ago in 2008, MP Greg Mulholland proposed plans to fine any politician whose phone went off while in chamber with the money going towards charity. However, his plea was rejected by Commons Speaker Michael Martin.

Let's hope the cabinet don't miss any important phone calls. And if they do, let's hope they don't call back and put the bill on expenses!

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