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Posted by Admin May 06, 2010 10:10

Under-25's are communicating while fornicating

Wishing your partner would sell their old mobile phone for cash because it would stop them from texting during sexy times may seem like an odd request, but it is actually a common occurrence according to new research.

Technology website Retrevo asked a number of young people under the age of 25 if they thought it was acceptable to text while getting intimate and a remarkable 10% said they think it is. We can only imagine what they might be saying in their SMSs!

When the over-25's were asked the same question, only 5% responded that it was a perfectly reasonable action.

When it comes to texting during dinner 49% of under-25's don't regard it as bad. As for sitting on the toilet, 24% of young people use the bathroom as their personal office.

Manish Rathi, co-founder and VP-marketing at Retrevo said: "We've started asking these questions because we wanted to know how social media is contributing to gadget buying and usage."

With people becoming increasingly dependent on social networking, Retrevo discovered that an alarming number that check their phones while they are meant to be resting and relaxing. An astonishing 76% of youngsters check or update their Facebook or Twitter when they are in bed, either as they are getting ready for sleep and after having just woken up.

If you're worried about the obsessive nature you've developed in regards to checking your messages and are afraid your partner might dump you next time they catch you texting in bed, trade in your phone for cash.

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