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The comedienne's sketch upsets Apple

A sketch by Ellen DeGeneres in which she makes out that the iPhone is difficult to use has come under fire from Apple whose complaints about it forced her to apologise. Maybe she should've have recycled her mobile phone before daring to mock and upset the brand.

The comedienne parodied an iPhone advert using a white backdrop and cheery background music while her hands clumsily fiddled around on the device.

Ellen narrates the sketch as she tries to send a text to her partner Portia De Rossi, and she remains positive and giggly throughout the minute long "advert".

However, Apple took offense to the American Idol judge screening the skit on her talk show and conveyed their disapproval directly to the culprit.

Not wanting to begrudge the iPhone makers, Ellen publicly apologised on her show a day later. She said: "Sometimes I talk about a product and it's a good thing, and sometimes it's not so good at all. I got in trouble recently because of a... well, today I got in trouble."

She continues: "I thought it was funny. A bunch of people thought it was funny. You know who didn't think it was funny? The people at Apple didn't think it was so funny. They thought that I made it look like it's hard to use, and I just want to say that I'm sorry if I made it look like the iPhone is hard to use. It's not hard to use."

If you have an iPhone that is difficult to work, sell your gadget for cash.

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