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Posted by Admin May 05, 2010 09:56

If you get bored of the device, give it some wheels

The iPad has many uses, from web browsing to media consumption to game playing to app buying, but some ingenious gents from America have taken the Apple device and used it to make a skateboard. We're sure there's a great market out there if they decide to sell iPad skateboards.

In order to transform the versatile tablet into a four-wheeled vehicle, a couple of rad dudes from Fuel TV used all manner of tools and equipment to make it sturdy enough to take out on the streets, or the ramp in their case.

Professional skater Chad Knight and the host of the show Jeff King are the two responsible for the remarkable transformation from electrical device to mode of transport, using the iPad as a deck and then adding wheels and bearings amongst other things.

After just a couple of minutes on the ramp the screen is shattered but they still carry on putting it through its paces and it does remarkably well considering. Whether that is down to the Apple design or the master technicians who revamp it is another question altogether.

If you try this at home and then decide you don't want it any more, Mobile Phone Xchange accepts broken devices too so see how much you can sell your iPad for.

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