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The chatshow queen calls for less phone recklessness

A campaign in America being fronted by Oprah Winfrey may make text drivers here in the UK want to sell their old mobile phone for cash.

The chatshow goddess has declared this coming Friday (7th May) to be National No Phone Zone Day in the U.S. and is urging car owners to not call or text while behind the wheel.

Appearing via phone on daytime television show Today, Oprah says: "I was struck by the fact that when I was a young reporter, I did so many drunk driving stories. I was reminded of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

"I'm trying to put as much focus on the issue - to get people to start thinking about it. I hope more people will think about this in a different kind of light - it's senseless," she adds.

Oprah also appeared on Good Morning America saying: "My plea is to recognize that really it is an addiction. Look, five years ago, 10 years ago we weren't doing this. This isn't what we did," she said.

Research conducted by the National Safety Council found that 28% of all car accidents are phone related, and many lead to deaths.

The fierce protester explained the reason behind her hard campaigning was after a 9-year old girl was killed just outside her home.

"To arrive home and see your daughter lying on the street dead when she was 15 pedals from the front door," Oprah said. "[It was] devastating and recognizing that it didn't have to happen."

If you want to give up your mobile device, trade in your used phone for cash today.

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