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Posted by Admin May 04, 2010 08:23

Demand in America is too high

Those who are waiting for the iPad to reach UK soil may have to wait a little longer. Due to its success in America there might be enough to stock countries abroad.

The Apple device has been met with much enthusiasm over the other side of the Atlantic. Despite it only having been available for a month, one million iPads have already been sold to customers.

This is more impressive considering that it took the iPhone twice the amount of time to shift the same amount of stock. It shows how much Apple have grown as a must-have brand.

Having released the added 3G-radio iPad on Friday (April 30th), the device was sold out in 49 of 50 Apple stores in the U.S. over the weekend which shows how much of a high demand there is for it.

Because of its popularity, there is worry that the U.K. release may be delayed even further because there is not enough stock to satisfy customers in America let alone internationally. It was initially penciled in to arrive at the end of May, but many are now doubtful that will happen.

With a new wave of tablets due later this year, most notably from Google who are currently giving the iPhone a run for their money with their range of Android phones, Apple had better start getting more iPads in stock soon, otherwise they may lose customers who are lured to other devices.

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