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You can guide yourself if you get lost

If you often get lost, and are vain and love the sound of your own voice you may want to sell your old phone for cash and buy a Nokia smartphone.

Instead of having an unfamiliar and often robotic voice directing you on where to go, the Nokia Ovi Maps application allows you to record your own voice which then tells you where to go.

The app is automatically available on your phone, and gives you a Walk and Drive option which speaks out loud, much like a car satnav.

In order to direct yourself, all you need to do is find a quiet spot to record your voice, clearly say all 53 necessary instructions such as "turn right" and "carry on straight for 50 metres" and then the phone will store all this information ready for when you get lost.

If you find it weird hearing yourself out loud, you could get a loved one to record instructions so it feels like they are always with you. Or get your mum to do so, because mums always know best!

You can also ask the phone a question, and it will reply back in the voice you've selected. It might be a bit weird after you've consumed a few alcoholic beverages and have your mum telling you where to go though.

If you want to record your own voice in a seductive satnav kind of way, recycle your used phone for cash and buy a Nokia smartphone.

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