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Posted by Admin April 15, 2010 12:18

The popular Xbox Live Arcade game hits the mobile world

Fans of the popular Xbox game Chime who want to play it on the go may want to trade in their old phone and buy an iPhone because SRRN Games are bringing out a version for the Apple device.

The game rose to popularity on the Xbox Live Arcade and shares similarities with Nintendo classic Tetris. The object of the relaxing puzzle game is to tap five static spheres on-screen to clear like-colored obstacles that flow through the viewable area. Once a section has been cleared, the sound of a gentle chime is heard which is where the title of the game comes from.

Levels become more and more difficult the further you progress in the game with the added stress of waves and obstacles getting in the way, but the sound of the chimes will be longer allowing you a chilled-out gaming experience despite the annoyance of trying to get further through the game.

Aujang Abadi, CEO, SRRN Games, explains: “Chimes grew out of a discussion about the intersection between sight, touch and sound. There's something deeply satisfying about creating sounds, especially if they are pleasing to the ears, and, at its core, Chimes is about producing beautiful melodies. No matter how the game is played, the result is always perfect harmony.”

In addition to the app being on the iPhone, Chimes is also being release on the iPod Touch and the app will retail for the very reasonable price of $0.99. So fans of the game should consider trading in their old phone so they can get a new Chimes included one.

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