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Add your movie captions to the contest to win a Blackberry

Those wanting a career in film tagline writing may want to sell their old phones and upgrade to one which hosts Twitter so they can make the most of a new campaign being run on the social networking website.

Known for their championing of films, Orange has launched TwitFlix for the movie-buffs, and fake movie-buffs, to submit what the network refers to as ‘cheat-tweets’ for major movies.

Every weekday, Orange will post the title of a popular film on their orangefilm feed and fans will be asked to submit funny descriptions of said movie in the limited 140 characters. A panel of experts will then choose their favourites, and the best of the week will win a Blackberry 9700.

Some examples that have already been posted follow:

Slumdog Millionaire
Born in a rundown town, watch me make my millions & have a wonderful life (via @leiajulie)

Romance happens aboard ship, bonds are made on the trip, future plans ripped apart, an iceberg they couldn’t outsmart (via @popple79)

Research carried out by Orange found that half of brits have lied about seeing certain popular films for fear of ridicule from friends.

They say: “It appears Brits ‘just don’t give a damn’ about telling the truth about films they have and haven’t seen – with mobster classic the Godfather Trilogy the UK’s most bluffed about movie. One in five people who claim to have seen Francis Ford Coppola’s epic actually haven’t – making them about as legitimate as the Corleone family.

“Dirty Dancing is the second most lied about movie – one in 10 claim to have seen the Patrick Swayze classic – followed by the Shawshank Redemption, Rocky and Gone With the Wind.”

If you submit and entry and win the Blackberry 9700 don’t forget to recycle your old used phone!

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