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The battle between Apple and Google is far from over

If the iPhone versus HTC battle wasn’t enough, it seems the war between Apple and Android is set to get even more heated with the latter company reportedly developing a tablet to rival the iPad. Now might be a good time to trade in your old phone and buy a new one to show which camp you belong to!

Google, who run the Android operating system on their phones and are one of Apple’s biggest threats, are set to join the tablet race and further begrudge CEO of the rival company Steve Jobs.

Although no official announcement has been made in regards to the Google tablet, which will run the popular Android system, the New York Times reports that CEO of Google Eric Schmidt has confirmed development is well underway.

Although you may think most tablets would be the same, the Google tablet will have a number of advantages which could overshadow the opponents including a large Android app store and Google eBooks library.

However, with rumours circulating that the project is being called the iSlate, will Apple try to sue for using their popular prefix?

With Nokia and HP also releasing tablets this year, it is likely Google will also stock their currently under-wraps device for 2010. This could be an incredible year for heated technological battles.

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