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Posted by Admin April 13, 2010 11:50

Educate yourself on some of the world’s finest beer

Do you like beer and wish you had a portable manual describing all the different varieties out there waiting for you to try? Well now might be the time to recycle your old phone and trade it in for a new smartphone.

If you are tempted to carry a beer guide with you everywhere you go in case you need knowledge on your favourite tipple, there’s no need because all the information will be readily available for you on the iPhone.

Dorling Kindersley, who published the popular drinkers guide The Beer Book, have handily turned it into an app so that users can easily access data directly from their phone.

Developers Mobifusion were assigned to process it into a digital format resulting in a comprehensive guide which includes hundreds of photos and text descriptions of over 1,700 beers as well as detailing all the biggest breweries from around the world. So if you’re on holiday you’ll be able to educate yourself on local beers while sampling.

Tom Hall, Dorling Kindersley’s head of digital licensing, said: "This adds a whole new dimension to simply reading – users can upload photos and notes about their beer and brewery experiences to Facebook and share with their friends and family."

Retailing at £4.99, the app will be available on April 16th just in time for the weekend. Android, Blackberry and WinMobile versions will soon be available too, so now is a great time to trade in your old used mobile to fund a new Beer Bible compatible smart-phone.

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