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For those unwilling to commit for longer

If you’re desperate for an iPhone but don’t want to commit to a long contract, now might be the best time to sell your mobile and take the Apple plunge.

With their infamous motto ‘every little helps’, supermarket chain Tesco are offering the nation a much more friendly choice in regards to buying an iPhone. While most retailers are offering the smartphone with a lengthy contract, consumers now have the chance to buy one with a short 12-month deal.

Tesco Mobile are offering reduced tariffs too with their year-long contract which means an iPhone 3G 8GB now costs only £100. Doubling the amount of storage will cost double the amount at £200 and the highest spec model on the market today, a 3GS 32GB will be £275.

It will cost £35 a month but for this you will get unlimited texts, data and Wi-Fi in addition to 750 voice minutes. However, if you’re willing to commit to a 24-month contract with a monthly cost of £45 you can get the 3GS 32GB for free.

The CEO of Tesco Mobile, Lance Batchelor, told Pocket-lint: "Tesco Mobile's iPhone tariffs have been very popular. We've now made them even better, with a lower upfront cost for iPhone and a new 12-month contract".

So recycle your used phone and buy an iPhone alongside your groceries with Tesco!

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