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Phone distractions during class will soon be a thing of the past

Pupils in Denmark schools may soon be without their phones. Not because they have decided to trade them in for cash, but because teachers will be finally be able to confiscate them.

The annoying sound of ringing and beeping is common in classrooms around the world, but according to the JydskeVestkysten newspaper Danish teachers will be able to teach with such interferences distracting from lessons.

If a phone had gone off during class before, teachers were only allowed to keep the confiscated device until the end of the class before having to give it back to the student in time for their next class.

However, the Education Ministry has changed the rules giving teachers more leverage. The national consumer ombudsman stated: “If it is necessary for schools to be able to keep a student’s mobile phone after the student is finished for the day, then there needs to be a law change.”

President of national principals’ association Skolelederforeningen, Anders Balle, was very happy with the new decision.

He says: “If you have rules for the use of mobile phones and they are not respected, then it’s an option for a teacher. But it’s also a punitive measure and should be used only in extreme cases.”

Students should be grateful teachers aren’t keeping their mobiles indefinitely so they can sell the newly acquired phones for extra income!

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