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A new app is being developed to scan barcodes for dietary information

Allergy sufferers may want to recycle their old mobile phone for cash and buy an iPhone for a useful allergy app which could soon be making its way onto the market.

Developed in Australia by Deakin University in collaboration with GS1 Australia and Nestle, the app will allow users to scan food product barcodes to get the nutritional information they need. So if you are allergic to wheat, egg, peanuts or shellfish for instance, detailed information will be quickly and easily accessible to you.

Associate Professor of Deakin University Caroline Chan commented: “When you read a label the product information is often so small you can barely read it, nor understand it.

“In Australia all packaged food products carry a barcode but its use is limited to inventory control and to settle purchases at the cash register.

"We wanted to really harness all this information on the bar-coding system and team it up with detailed product information provided by Nestlé to give consumers a tool that had the potential to improve their health and raise public awareness," she adds.

Initial testing for the app had proved it was a very useful tool and the developers are now seeking funding for a consumer trial.

If the app does make it on to the market, mobile phone users with specific dietary needs could trade in their old handsets and use the cash towards an iPhone so they can easily identify suitable food for their specific requirements.

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