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Apple finally resolve one of their biggest flaws

Apple are finally playing catch-up with the other smartphones on the market by introducing multi-taking on their iPhones. You may want to trade-in your old phone in readiness for OS 4.0

Although Android users have been able to have multiple apps running simultaneously in the background for quite some time, the iPhone has been lacking and only allowed you to do one thing at a time in most cases.

But Steve Jobs has finally announced that Apple are now to incorporate multi-taking on it’s newest update. Speaking at Cupertino’s Infinite Loop campus, a whole host of other features were also announced, many of which are already available of competitor devices.

Users will be able to group their favourite apps in folders for ease of location, so you can keep all your games together for instance. Another feature is the customisable homescreen which will allow more personalisation of your device.

In addition to this, if you have multiple email accounts you will be able to manage them all from one unified inbox. iBooks will also be accessible on OS 4.0, and if you are lucky enough to own an iPad, synching between the two devices will be easy through a wireless connection.

However, multi-tasking will only be available to those with 3G S, so if you have a model lower than this you may want to sell your old phone for cash and upgrade before the update is made ready this summer.

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