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Residents in Cornwall have been experiencing poor health and blame O2

If you’re on the O2 network, your conscious may want you to sell your old phone for cash to reduce a spate of illnesses happening in a small countryside village.

Residents in Buckler, Cornwall have not been happy since the erection of a mobile phone mast which has been disrupting their small community. Half the people living there have complained of poor health and believe it is due to the O2 tower.

Since the mast was put up in 2007, eight villagers have died from cancer and two more people have been diagnosed. In addition to this, many residents in the 75 homes that make up Buckler have been experiencing severe headaches, vertigo, depression and lack of sleep.

Peter Lewis, 68, tells the Telegraph: “We are living in a cancer cluster. More than fifty per cent of the residents here said they have had serious health problems since the mast was put up.”

A spokesman from O2 said: “Scientists have failed to come up with anything to suggest that mobile phones or masts present a risk to humans.”

However, director of medical physics at the Royal Berkshire Hospital Malcolm Sperrin has been more objective in his analysis. He explains: “No one can say there isn't a link between mobile phone mast transmissions and cancer. But there's nothing to support it either. The trouble is you can never quite know.

"A number of factors could be involved - for example a change in chemicals which are used in the area, could have caused the high cancer incidence rate and the disease does occur in clusters."

Trade in your O2 phone if you are concerned about the health impact it may cause.

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