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Was he texting other women?

Tiger Woods might want to consider selling his mobile phone to stop suspicious busybodies gossiping at the US Masters.

The professional golfer, who earlier this year was caught up in a text sex scandal with numerous women, pulled out his iPhone on the 10th green at Augusta National, even though mobile phones are banned on the course.

For most other golfers, a simple thing like whipping out your handset wouldn’t make news, but due to the shamed golf star’s erotic affairs all eyes were on him.

However, there were no raunchy text messages being sent or received. Woods was simply filming his partner’s practice stroke so they should analyse it.

Long-time acquaintance and 1992 Master Champ Mark O’Meara put the rumours to rest explaining to the Herald Sun: "He was helping me with my putting. I had a loop in my putting stroke. He wanted to film [it]."

When officials at Augusta National Golf Club were questioned about the mobile phone ban which asks spectators and journalists to leave their handsets in safe storage, they were quick to defend Wood’s use of his Apple device.

Club spokesman Steve Ethun said: “We ask players not to use their cell phones. We would make exceptions if players were using any kind of recording device during a practice round."

If you need to film yourself practicing your putting, trade-in your old phone for cash to buy one with an enhanced camera.

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