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MyGlucoHealth will aid by tracking blood sugar levels

Those suffering from diabetes may want to consider trading in their old mobile phone to buy a Nokia Smartphone so they can make the most of a new medical app which could help them keep on top of their condition.

Teaming up with Entra Health Systems, Nokia have developed an app called MyGlucoHealth which monitors blood sugar levels via a Bluetooth-enabled glucose meter. Available to buy from the Ovi Store, users can keep track of their health. Another great feature is that if your results fluctuate too much from what is healthy, a notification will be sent to friends or family so they are aware in case of an emergency.

The Ovi Store explains the app in more detail, saying: “The MyGlucoHealth Mobile diabetes management system permits blood glucose testing results on the MyGlucoHealth Wireless meter to be transmitted from your mobile phone to your personal health record portal using Bluetooth technology.

“Patients can also review their most recent blood sugar test results, view line charts, pie charts and histograms, as well as enter fitness, weight, exercise and nutritional data.”

The app has already been downloaded 40,000 times, but Nokia are hoping that an official release of MyGlucoHealth will send numbers soaring, especially since it is free. However, a compatible My GlucoHealth Wireless meter is required which monitors your health and sends the results to the app.

Sell your used phone and buy a new Nokia one to make the most of the apps in the Ovi Store.

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