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Musician Records His Album Using iPhone

Everyone with an iPhone knows how amazingly multi-functional it is, but a sound engineer has gone one step further by using it as a music production tool and recording an entire album on it. His story may prompt aspiring musicians to recycle their old phones for a new versatile handset.

Tom Freeman from Scotts Valley used percussion, bass and synthesiser simulators as well as various sound samples he collected and pieced them all together to make an accomplished 25 track electronica album.

Speaking to Santa Cruz Sentinel, the musician who records under the name Freematik gushed: “I was pleased by how it turned out. The sound is like something you'd get from a legit recording studio.”

Using apps such as Beatmaker, iDrum and Flare, Freeman found he could make music anywhere using his portable equipment: "I'd do it at motels, on the beach, waiting for tables at restaurants. That would be just enough time to make a beat."

He would even mimic scratching sounds by using the Flare Scratch app. "You're physically using the same motion," he said. "Scratching is really hard to do. It's not something I've ever been good at. But this made it easier for me."

The one problem Freeman faced with the project, which he called iMatik, was he couldn’t over dub directly from the iPhone, so he finished up the project on another workstation but considering most of the work was done on his mobile, it’s a very impressive feat.

Anyone who wants to hear the innovative iMatik album can visit the website www.freematik.com and stream it, or pay $5 (approximately £3.35) for the download.

Do you want a portable music studio? Trade in your old phone and buy an iPhone to experiment with different music apps.

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